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Leigh Sims
Developmental Therapist

Leigh Sims, with nearly two decades of experience as an Early Childhood Developmental Therapist, Special Educator, and Early Childhood teacher, commenced her career as a Certified Early Interventionist in Virginia, working as an Early Childhood Special Educator in Public Schools. Driven by her passion for collaborating with families and school communities, Leigh established EdCoSpace in 2017. Through her company, she consults school leadership, innovatively addressing the distinctive challenges they encounter. 


Within EdCoSpace, Leigh extends her support to families with young children facing both typical and atypical learning curves through group and individual coaching sessions. As a mother of a preschooler, Leigh resides in a multilingual, multi-religious, and multicultural household, reflecting the values she holds for her community - an essence she seamlessly integrates into her work with families. 


By having Leigh Sims as part of our Team of Advisors at Kinet Bet, clients can trust that they will receive tailor-made solutions for their unique challenges, benefiting from her wealth of experience and dedication.

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