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Sofia Mohammed
Leadership: Education, stem, Non-Profit

Sofia Mohammed is the Executive Director of an ed-tech non-profit organization that helps young people realize their potential in technology and innovation. 

Most recently, she helped launch a culturally responsive digital coding academy that has reached over 30 million people through impressions and views. She has cultivated various corporate and foundation partnerships, helping raise $7 million in less than one year. 

Sofia started her career as math teacher, progressed into a STEM instructional coach, and eventually served as a school principal at an all-girls middle school in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Her focus has been to create cross-functional teams and systems that work with the community, cultivate the excellence of young people, and move the needle on educational equity. 

Sofia brings her wealth of experience in Education, youth galvanization, technology, and non-profit leadership to Kinet Bet to support in creating customized solutions for our clients. 

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