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Creating a culture of wellness for transformational change.

Our mission is creating a culture of wellness in every space.

At Kinet Bet, we believe transformational change comes from proactively creating spaces and cultures of wellness. 


Our Vision is to create a world where wellness is intentionally implemented in everyday life. 

Our Goal is to positively impact the lives of one million individuals by 2035 through the establishment of a pervasive culture of wellness. In pursuit of this vision, we will partner with 100 organizations, prioritizing collaboration that underscores diversity and equity.

Creating a Culture of Wellness for: 

Health Care

Pave the road to wellness for Transformational Change.

Creating the world we want to see tomorrow, starts with the actions we take today. 

Why Kinet Bet?

Kinet Bet is devoted to cultivating a wellness culture in every space, actively assisting you in seamlessly integrating wellness. With over 30 years of experience, our team specializes in tailoring solutions to address unique challenges for individuals and organizations.

"Bethlehem is a powerful community leader, critical thinker and a champion of wellness from the inside out.

I've had the luck and opportunity to work with Bethlehem several times on the topic of healing and wellness and have always been so impressed with her deep understanding and expertise of these topics. Bethlehem is curious, she's constantly in her own process and she generously shares her insights and learnings with her community that she cares so deeply about. Bethlehem's genuine commitment towards her community enables her to create safety very naturally while tackling challenging topics, I trust her and that means so much when you're on your healing journey."

“I was diagnosed from drug use and in this process your mindfulness and your platform has helped me in a way you can't imagine."

Ruthie Zerai
Co-Founder, EriWellBeing

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