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This week's Amplifier is Bethlehem Bekele - a cultural ambassador and mental health advocate who founded Kinet Bet to highlight the cultural beauty and diversity of Ethiopia, serve as a bridge to the wider African diaspora and start meaningful conversations on ways to effect positive personal and community change. Bethlehem's passion for community building and being a positive role model started when she taught Ethiopian dance to young adults. From there, she started organizing cultural events and promoting Ethiopian heritage throughout the New York metro area and beyond.

Bethlehem entered the banking and finance profession where she leveraged her position as a Vice President of a Bank Branch to provide ways for people to enhance their financial positions and leverage tools at their disposal to optimize their banking needs. The common denominator in Bethlehem's profession and passion is the drive to help others and provide alternatives for her community. To this end, Bethlehem uses her platform at Kinet Bet to broadcast a weekly program every Monday that tackles a wide array of issues from mental health, financial wellness, community involvement and beyond. Every Saturday afternoon, Bethlehem broadcasts "Ethiopian Dance Break" where she invites participants to join her on a Zoom session and take part in a "get up, move and have fun" session that serves to lift people's spirits during these trying times. You can find out more about Bethlehem's work on her website and by following her on Instagram and Facebook

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