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Reflections of Healing

Healing Starts Here

Welcome to Kinet Bet, (your) House of Healing.

It's 2022 and let's admit it, these last few few years have not been the easiest...okay, they've been hard! We've collectively been experiencing mental, physical and emotional exhaustion. Individually, each of us have experienced so much loss of: loved ones, physical connection with family and friends, and the identity we curated for ourselves.

For a moment of clarity with yourself, fill in the blank:

I have been feeling .

Take a deep breath.
s l o w l y.
Repeat this slow breath four times. In through your nose, out through your mouth.

That moment you took for yourself didn't take long but it slowed you down (please keep doing it until you feel yourself calm down). Most likely, the first few sentences, the last one in particular, made you notice things you probably didn't want to face or have been facing (and are trying to escape from.) Either way, that moment of deep breathing is your reset point. You, we, can learn to reset ourselves - come back to our equilibrium.


Detractors of Healing: Breaking Patters

When we've been doing something for so long, that action is being done by our subconscious. It has happened so frequently that our conscious mind no longer needs to process that action; it passes the action to the subconscious where it's automated. Let's do an exercise on how our conscious mind sends information to our subconscious:

Sit up with your face looking forward then drop your eyes towards your lap. What did you notice? Take a mental note of what you saw from this position; did you notice your nose?

Your mind already knows that your nose is on your face and it has decided it no longer needs to consciously process that information; it has therefore decided to move this information to the subconscious for automative processing. Now that I've asked you to notice your nose however, you've brought its existence to the conscious part of your mind; for a short time, your mind will continue to consciously recognize your nose's existence.

From the above we can see that

  1. Our mind has the ability to process information in the conscious and subconscious.

  2. If something happens repeatedly enough, our mind will move those actions, thoughts, beliefs to the subconscious so we no longer have to actively think about it.

  3. We can bring things from being operated automatically in the subconscious to being operated manually to the conscious.

  4. Awareness is the key to change gears from the subconscious to the conscious; it allows us to see what we previously didn't.

Awareness: The Road to Self-Discovery

Now that we understand how powerful our mind is , the question we must ask ourselves is:

What past beliefs, thoughts, and values am I carrying subconsciously that aren't in alignment with the person I am today?

As long as we are alive, our beliefs, values and perceptions will change; our metamorphosis then requires us to install new systems to run these changes but before we do, we must uninstall the existing system. This is where self-discovery and awareness come in. We must unearth our existing, automated views and beliefs, evaluate to see if they still serve the person we are today.

Remember, the goal is to be healed and healing requires alignment. Our principals must align with who we are today; after all, we cannot operate a new car with an old key.

What to expect

Understanding that everyone's healing journey is different minimizes the expectations we may have on ourselves. While we are going through these rollercoasters, we can expect:

  • More questions than answers

  • Feel exhausted from all the deep work

  • The journey to be multidirectional

This is part of our healing journey; let's do what we can and seek support for the parts that become too much for us.

Tips to practice Self-Discovery & Awareness

  1. Journaling: this is a great way to understand our most inner thoughts. You can get our Journaling book here.

  2. Being Creative: painting, sculpting, etc. This is a great way to slow our brain from processing so much.

  3. Meditation - brings calmness, and clarity.

  4. Use frankincense: inhale to acknowledge that you are smelling it. Keep noticing your body relaxing more.

  5. Water: drink it, wash your face with it; water is grounding.

  6. Be barefoot and notice the feeling of the floor and work upwards towards your head.

  7. Create quiet moments daily.

  8. Take deliberate, deep breaths with the intension just be present.


Everyone's healing journey is different so please be kind to yourself. Know that this isn't a sprint but a marathon. Focus on one step at a time; you got this!

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