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Bethlehem Bekele

Bethlehem Bekele is a cultural ambassador, healing advocate and founder of Kinet Bet.

Bethlehem was born in Ethiopia and raised in New York City. She worked in the Banking sector for over 15 years bridging the gap in financial literacy and presenting culturally sensitive service in the immigrant and underserved communities. Once pregnant, Bethlehem started embarking on her own healing journey to ensure her son meets his authentic mother, not the one guarded by past pains, traumas and disappointments.

For the past five years, Bethlehem has actively worked to bridge the knowledge gap in mental, emotional and physical wellness, challenge cultural norms and guide people in their own healing journey using a holistic approach. Bethlehem is working on collective healing by focusing on the healing journey of the individual.

Bethlehem is an author, speaker, host, Podcaster, moderator. and serves on the Advisory Board of the Ethiopian Community Mutual Assistance Association (ECMAA). 

Bethlehem loves being a mother, spending time with family and friends, and experiencing different cultures through food and dance.

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Our Story

Kinet Bet is focused on creating a culture of healing through conversations, art, and storytelling. On its platform, Kinet Bet has hosted programs to bridge the knowledge gap in Financial and Mental Health, and address sensitive topics that play an active role in limiting our growth as a society. 


Over the years, Kinet Bet's focused has expanded from creating opportunities for Ethiopian youth to strengthen their multi-layered identity through the teaching of Ethiopian Cultural Dances, to empowering the wider community to challenge limiting views to aid in collective healing. 


Through the leadership of its founder Bethlehem Bekele, Kinet Bet has curated programs to empower people to  create a culture of healing for themselves and the community at large. Our virtual programs include Gratitude and Mindfulness Hour, and Forgiveness Hour. In the coming months, Kinet Bet will be partnering up with different organizations and community leaders to bring events that will aid in our collective healing by focusing on the individual journey. 


We love collaborating. 

Let's connect.

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