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Our Story

Kinet Bet is not just a business; it's a movement committed to placing wellness at the forefront of our endeavors. We firmly believe that shaping the world we aspire to see tomorrow begins with the actions we take today. This guiding philosophy propels our ambitious goal: to positively impact the lives of one million individuals by 2035 through the establishment of a pervasive culture of wellness. In pursuit of this vision, we will partner with 100 organizations, prioritizing collaboration that underscores diversity and equity.

Mission and Values


At the heart of Kinet Bet's mission is the active promotion of compassion, wellness, and community. Our commitment extends to addressing current challenges while proactively instigating a transformational shift. We firmly assert that wellness is not merely an individual pursuit but a collective movement, ensuring a state of well-being pervades every facet of our lives. Our dedication to creating cultures of wellness in every space is rooted in the belief that such environments must embrace the richness of diverse identities while honoring our shared humanity.

Evolution and Impact


Kinet Bet originated as a passion project dedicated to teaching Ethiopian cultural dances to youth, emphasizing the celebration of their diverse identities and heritage. Evolving further, the initiative expanded to cultivate a culture of wellness within the broader community, challenging cultural norms and empowering individuals to foster a subculture of well-being. Currently, Kinet Bet is advancing its mission, emphasizing proactive wellness approaches by supporting institutions in establishing pervasive cultures of well-being. The goal is to create an environment where wellness is integrated seamlessly, eliminating the need for individuals to seek it out in specific places—it becomes an inherent part of their surroundings.


Founder's Vision


Central to Kinet Bet's story is its visionary founder, Bethlehem Bekele Belatchew. Her leadership has been instrumental in inspiring countless individuals to celebrate their unique identities and work collaboratively towards a shared vision. Bethlehem's tireless efforts and unwavering commitment to community welfare exemplify the transformative power of compassion, empathy, and mindfulness.

Building a Vibrant, Inclusive, and Wellness-Centric Future

Embark on a transformative journey with Kinet Bet as we strive to construct a future that is not only vibrant and inclusive but also centered around the cultivation of a wellness-driven culture. Join us in creating spaces and communities where well-being is seamlessly integrated into every aspect, fostering vibrancy, inclusivity, and a shared commitment to collective wellness.


Bethlehem Bekele Belatchew,
Founder & Executive Director

Bethlehem is a compassionate leader, community builder, and cultural ambassador with a deep passion for wellness and healing. Originating from Ethiopia and raised in New York City, she devoted over 15 years to the banking sector, bridging financial literacy gaps and offering culturally sensitive services to immigrant and underserved communities.


Moving to Los Angeles, California, she delved into various wellness modalities, with mindfulness becoming a central focus. Returning to the East Coast to start a family, Bethlehem encountered challenges during her first trimester but navigated them through learned modalities, resulting in a peaceful pregnancy and the birth of a joyful baby boy. 


Motivated by motherhood, Bethlehem looked beyond her immediate community to envision the wider world her son would grow up in. This curiosity fueled her commitment to creating a world where wellness is prioritized from the start, not merely an afterthought.

With nearly two decades of leadership, people development, coaching, emotional sensitivity training, and cultural awareness, Bethlehem combines her expertise to launch wellness-centered consulting services through Kinet Bet. As an advocate for mental and emotional wellness, she actively engages in her community, serving on boards, contributing to her church choir, and sharing her knowledge to equip others with tools for optimal health.

Bethlehem's dedication to collective wellness remains unwavering, recognizing that individual healing is a crucial step toward fostering a healthier, more vibrant, and connected community and society. Her curiosity and commitment to a world where wellness takes precedence continue to drive her transformative journey with Kinet Bet.

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